Onenergy Qigong App: Build Self-Care Routines For Better Health and Self-Healing

Qigong, the ancient wisdom of health management. Shift your focus from managing diseases to building health. Download now.

Start With 10 to 20 Minutes Qigong Daily Routine

Follow A Proven Qigong System, Progress From Beginners To Pro

Progressive Learning

Follow Onenergy’s unique programs to learn qigong step by step from preparatory to advanced.

Guided Practice

Follow Onenergy’s unique practice system to experience guided practice and group practice 24/7.

Progress Tracking

Set your daily practice goal. Track your daily, weekly, and monthly learning and practice progress.

Qigong Video Lessons and Guided Qigong Exercises

Qigong courses free online: 11 preparatory qigong courses and 40+ lessons for different body parts.

Qigong programs unlock seven advanced qigong and meditation programs to deepen your practice and improve your physical and mental health.

Qigong exercises follow 40+ guided practices, and join 10+ guided group practices with locals online 24/7.

Daily goal and progress track your qigong learning and practice progress; set your daily goal.

Rewards and points collect qi points whenever you complete a lesson or a practice.

Sun and moon precise sunrise, sunset time, and moon phase according to your location for optimal practice hours.

Much more live events, solar terms, qigong wisdom, etc.

Exclusive Benefits for Onenergy Members

Customize routine you can create and customize qigong routines based on your needs.

Group practice You have access to group practice at all levels.

Background play you can play guided practice and customized routines with the screen shut.

Practice reminder you can schedule the daily reminder for group practice and customized practice.

Exclusive content you have access to member-only content in the App.

Member discount you will enjoy the member discount for advanced qigong programs.

Ads free you can enjoy a total App experience ads-free.

Best Qigong App

The most downloaded and most used qigong app in the health and fitness category. Please watch the video to discover the App features.

App Users Feedback

What People Are Saying

A unique feature of having customized guided programs allows me to create different sessions to meet my personal needs. Group practice helps me learn additional exercises. I’ve also used the practice tips provided to help with chronic back and neck injuries. I am very happy with the guidance provided and the results I’ve enjoyed.


After using and participating for a month, all free, I noticed improvement in my overall health and stamina. I have joined for the year to access additional material and lectures. This app is far superior to any online information or book/DVD as it empowers me to direct the course to my personal needs. I’m very happy with the instruction and results.


This is the best qigong App I’ve ever found! Clear instruction, clear demonstration, and plenty of guided practice. I can tell they have a system cuz I was guided to learn and practice daily. Very Good experience! Please keep updating this App with new qigong courses. I will definitely follow and use it everyday!

Del Y.Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if you have other questions

Is Onenergy App free?

Yes, Onenergy App is free to download and free to use.

Do I need a user account?

You can explore some content without an account. However, when you want to take the course or follow the practice guide, you must sign up for a free user account.

Do I need to be a member?

It is optional. However, as an Onenergy member, you can enjoy member-only features and content.

How to become a member?

You need to register a free user account first. Then you can use in-app purchases to upgrade to Onenergy Member.

Best Qigong App since 2022

The most downloaded and most used qigong app in the health and fitness category. Select App Store or Play Store to download it today!

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