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5 to 20 minutes daily routine

Learn Qigong and meditation from enlightened qigong teachers, follow a proven qigong learning and practicing system, and track your progress


Qigong Meditation The Better Way


Step By Step

Qigong Courses

Onenergy's unique qigong programs system offers you an easy-to-follow dripping learning experience. 


Follow The Guide

Qigong Practices

Onenergy's unique qigong practices system enables you to follow our guide to practice what you just learn.


Keep On Track

Track Your Progress

Onenergy's unique qigong progress tracking system helps you get a clear vision of where you are.


What's Available in Onenergy APP

  • live events
  • daily wisdom quote
  • qigong wisdom videos
  • solar term featured content
  • qigong course and program
  • daily group practice and guided practice

Onenergy APP Features For Members

Onenergy Members enjoy the following exclusive features:

Offline Practice

All the guided practice sessions are available to play offline.

Background Play

Play guided practice and customized practice in the background.

Customize Practice

Customize your own practice routine based on our guided practice. 

Practice Reminder

Schedule the daily reminder for group practice and customized practice.

Ads Free

No ads will be displayed on the APP.

Exclusive Content

Access to exclusive content which only available to members.



Frequently asked questions about Onenergy APP use

Yes, Onenergy APP is free to download and free to use.

You can explore some contents in the APP without an account. When you decide to take the course or follow the practice, you need to sign up a free account.

It is optional. As an Onenergy member, you can enjoy member-only features and contents.

You need to register a free account first. Then you can upgrade to become an Onenergy Member in the APP.


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